Route & Dispatching ...

Today’s legacy routing and fleet management solutions can be overly complex and burdensome to the drivers that use them.  Our modern system takes a driver first approach and provides a simple start to ease the adoption of an all-digital solution and gradually add additional tracking and features over time.

Our engineers spent hours in trucks and working with owners and drivers to provide the most comprehensible and customizable routing solution in the industry.  Whether you need something out of the box or customized and supported to meet your specific needs, we are there for you.



Any Device

Works with any existing Windows or Android based device and coming in 2018 versions for Apple iOS.  No need to buy or lease some proprietary hardware that if it breaks, your system is out until a new one is shipped. Pick a tablet up from your local Walmart and your ready to go.

Vehicle independent

No need to install equipment in a vehicle or risk violating your warranty plugging into ODB ports, our products are intelligent enough to use data from sensors on modern hardware to collect anything from speed to mileage.


A big problem with mobile fleet solutions is the burden the screens put on the driver to use especially for larger organizations.  Being new to the industry, we had the opportunity to build a system that is more flexible than the older systems today and are adaptable to our customers needs.

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