One Touch Billing

Whether you are billing on-all services daily, residential totes for the next month or services that are performed twice a week on your six and eight yard containers, we have worked with multiple haulers and brokers to design a flexible and easy to use invoicing system.  Our system can generate disposal fees, custom charges, supplementary fees all automatically so you focus more on service and less on process and technical issues.

Along with simplified billing we offer one of the most flexible and structured automated pricing systems in the industry. Our billing system provides the ability to review all financial transactions before they are committed to the system.  See an account that needs to be corrected? No problem!  We allow you to remove just the specific invoices from a batch and correct the items on that invoice, without having to cancel and redo everything!.

Profit Management

When we spent the first year looking at other vendors software, we noticed two big problems for haulers.  The first we’ve solved with our billing management modules.  The next, we tackle with a payment management solution that provides a simple point and click interface that matches payment to invoice items in a single click.  AutoPay, PrePay and can all be enabled in the same step!  To really streamline your operations, enable the Customer Portal so users can view and pay invoices from anywhere they can access the internet.