Why Waste Apps?

Boost Performance

Our reports, analytics and tracking of assets will give you the ability to analyze aspects of your business you have never been able to critique, saving you money and time through optimization of your services.

Simplified Workflow

Constructed by waste executives & industry experts, our modules allow for complicated procedures to become simplified due to our user-friendly format.

Cross Platform

Due to our web-based platform you can access your necessary tools from any location, on any device via internet connection. No need to be in the office to access your company’s data!

Data Integration

Already invested in a software solution? No problem. We can consolidate and manage your information from all available sources to give you one platform to view all your data. Through our integration technique we can pass this data back and forth between solutions with the click of a button.

Your Tools

Everything you need in one spot. A web based solution that brings all your tools together.

Dispatch & Routing

Customer Portal

Billing AR Management

Asset Tracking

Mobile On-Board

Analytics & Reporting

Account Management

Disposal & Recycling

No Software

A cloud based solution designed with a focus on scalability using the latest security standards.

  • Product customization to fit your needs
  • Data migration such as QuickBooks integration
  • Data analytics and projections
  • 24/7 Support Help
  • No Software
  • Mobile

    With mobile support, increase efficient communication

    • Access from personal and company-owned devices
    • Remote communication for drivers
    • Accounting to work from home or dispatch for scheduling
    • Free Setup and Training
  • Mobile
    • Contact

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